Foreigner, Styx & John Waite at Dos Equis Pavilion

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Dos Equis Pavilion | Dallas, Texas


Are you prepared for a musical spectacle like no other? The greatest musical shows are unlike any other event as any music fanatic will tell you. Mark this date in your calendars: Friday 21st June 2024. Foreigner, Styx & John Waite will be playing live at the stunning Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas. Find out why everyone is naming this one of the greatest live performances you can watch in 2024. Foreigner, Styx & John Waite is renowned for their breathtaking stage presence and astounding showmanship - Foreigner, Styx & John Waite is widely considered as one of the leading performers in their genre, with fans all across Texas and the world! Ensure you get your tickets today as events often sell out. Tickets available now – Click the button above to get yours!

Are you keen to be at on of the biggest concerts of 2024? Look no further! You'll already know the iconic Foreigner, Styx & John Waite is touring the US this summer, it seems to be all everybody on the internet is talking about right now! Critics have seen for themselves and agreed it's a real electrifying experience. You'll be lost in the music and fuzzy atmosphere of the crowd, it's going to be one thrilling night for all! On this occasion the breathtaking Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, Texas will be playing this massive concert, and it really will satisfy your evening before the music even kicks off, when you're safe in the knowledge that its a really special venue, with your every need catered for. Friday 21st June 2024 is the date to keep! Tickets are fast approaching a sell out! You'd like to be part of all the action? Hang about and you wont get in! Click 'get tickets' to buy yours now!

Foreigner at Dos Equis Pavilion

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