It’s hard to argue that Styx has an incredible body of music. Their work has a timeless sound with songs that will stick with fans for years to come. In fact, choosing just a few songs to call “essential” is a monumentally difficult task. Here’s just a few of our favorites.

1975’s “Suite Madame Blue” is an incredible track that combines all the elements that defines Styx. It features a classically timeless melody, some incredible guitar riffs, and solos that will leave you swaying. It’s easily one of the best examples of Styx’s combined sound.

“Lady” is another can’t miss song. The song didn’t quite hit the charts when it was first released, but when it was released in 1975 it landed at #6 on Billboard. It’s a song that introduced the world to Styx’s vocal style and is a song written for DeYoung’s wife that features an amazing piano section.

Finally, be sure to listen to “Renegade”. This song is a rocker that has had a lasting influence on pop. The song grew from its original acoustic ballad origins. But then DeYoung suggested making it a heavier song. It’s a song that has become a staple of rock radio, tv, and film.