Styx & Foghat at Celeste Center

Styx & Foghat at Celeste Center Tickets

Celeste Center | Columbus, Ohio

Follow the Buy Tickets button below to make Wednesday 2nd August 2023 the best month in 2023. Styx & Foghat is visiting the Celeste Center, Columbus Ohio, for an evening that promises to be one of the most unforgettable music events of the year. Styx & Foghat is one of Pop music’s biggest legends. Their bright voice blending with the catchy melodies move audiences to a place where thrills go down their spine and encourage them – a break from everyday life. Take your chance to take a break from life and submerge yourself in the performance of Styx & Foghat on Wednesday 2nd August 2023 at the Celeste Center and purchase your tickets now.

Styx & Foghat at Styx Concert

If you’ve ever seen the ‘bonus’ features of a DVD, whether it’s a live show or a film, these are the little extras that you’ll be able to get at the venue itself. The lead singer or band may like to engage with the audience between songs, giving you a personal insight into the life of the artist, such as their dynamic or the meaning of a specific track. So if you want to experience this incredible feeling, come to the Celeste Center in Columbus for any of their amazing upcoming shows!

Styx & Foghat at Styx Concert

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